Automatic Tags Plugin

Notice: The servers powering this plugin have been shutdown due to high costs.

Check out the video below to see the plugin live in action in the post editor.

Automatic Tags WordPress Plugin Demo Video

The Automatic Tags WordPress Plugin provides suggested tags and categories for your posts, powered by machine learning and natural language processing. The suggested tags and categories let you focus on writing, not cataloging posts.

The tag suggestions come in 3 different flavors.

  1. Existing tags mentioned in your post
  2. Keywords mentioned in your post
  3. Topics related to your post content

They can be found at the bottom of your post editor. Simply click on a suggested tag to add it to your post. A convenient “Add All Tags” button is also available, which is especially useful for the Matches tab.

The category suggestion will simply appear above your other categories. If it seems relevant, just click the checkbox to add it. That’s it.