Our writing assistant enhances the efficiency of writers and the quality of articles.

Major advancements in artificial intelligence for language are enabling powerful new writing tools to be created. We aim to put these tools in the hands of bloggers.

We strive to achieve the following.

  • Help bloggers more easily assign meaningful categories and relevant tags.
  • Suggest sentence completions while typing.
  • Suggest article summaries.
  • Recognize named entities in articles.
  • Suggest spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Suggest rephrasings of sentences.
  • Discover new applications of natural language processing to improve the blogging experience.
  • Build an interdisciplinary, open source community that brings together engineers, scientists, and designers from the fields of natural language processing, machine learning, UI/UX, and WordPress development.

We are guided by these core values.

  • Put bloggers first.
  • Keep all code and models open source.
  • Win as a team and leave egos at the door.
  • Continuously improve and innovate.