Data Science

Open Source Data Science Projects

WP Auto Tag is an open source data science project. I previously released the data set of blog articles used to train the model on my personal blog. And the model training code is available in my github repo.

Building the models for WP Auto Tag was a great learning experience for me, as described in my plugin launch announcement. And I wanted to make everything open source so others could learn from it, too – both by reading the code / playing with the data and by contributing to future releases.

Doing data science projects is a great way to learn new skills. That’s why I plan to refer data science students on my new professional development platform Skillenai to open source data science projects like WP Auto Tag.

Contributing to open source data science projects is as useful to senior data scientists as it is to people who aren’t even sure what a data scientist does.

If you know of any other good open source data science projects out there, please let me know so Skillenai can refer students to those as well.